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3 Benefits of Orbital Forged Survey Markers

Quality Specification – Metal Survey Caps

  • 8 June 2018
  • Author: Kari Campbell
  • Number of views: 998

The orbital forging process

It's not the metal in the cap, it's the higher quality manufacturing process that makes a superior metal survey cap. Orbital forging is one part of the manufacturing process that makes the metal caps from Berntsen International stronger, smoother, and longer-lasting.

The Orbital Forging Process

Berntsen's investment in the orbital forging process reduces the number of steps necessary to form a top quality cap and reduces the amount of time it takes to deliver the parts to the cusotmer. Orbital forging is a manufacturing process in which a part is held in a die cavity and then compressed by an upper die with extreme but indirect force. Compression of the upper die is not a flat, hard blow to the part but via a rotating 'wobble' that shapes and works the metal - much like your hand shaping a ball of dough. There are advantages to utilizing an orbital forging process, however most manufacturers do not choose the process because it involves additional tooling. This manufacturing process produces a superior product, is a faster method, ergonomically beneficial, and 'greener' to the environment.

The process for making a Berntsen marker cap has been perfected over four decades and because of orbital forging, superior products are available to customers.

Here's how the orbital forging process works:

  • A piece of aluminum or bronze bar stock is cut and placed in the die - size of bar stock depends on the diameter of the cap and length of stem desired.
    Aluminum bar stock
  • The orbital forging upper die rotates and descends on the bar stock in the lower die and presses the metal blank into a one-piece mushroom shaped cap. The force used depends on the metal used. Once fully shaped, the part is completed and ready for stamping or shipping.
    Aluminum Orbital Forged monument caps

The Top 3 Benefits of Orbital Forging

An orbital forged cap has superior characteristics compared to traditional casting.

  1. STRONGER. The cold orbital forming process increases tensile strength and hardness which can result in bronze caps have a tensile strength 3-4 times that of a cast cap. Which means, an orbital forged cap will not break or chip as easily on installation and is better to resist damage in the field.
  2. SMOOTHER.  The orbital forging process refines the pits and peaks of the metal and typically has a Ra (Roughness Average) value 5 to 10 times better than standard castings. This provides the surveyor with a cap that resists corrosion, wears longer and looks better.
  3. FASTER.  Orbital forged caps are formed in a one-step manufacturing process. Our investment in this process means Berntsen can turn around a customer order at least 2 times faster than lower-quality products from other manufacturers—a longer process requiring multiple steps to complete.

Other manufacturers may tout that they use the same material but they are using different processes in manufacturing that can’t match the performance in the field.  The secret is in how the caps are made.  

Berntsen is the only American manufacturer of survey caps that has invested in orbital forging and uses this process for our aluminum and bronze caps. It is a process that’s been perfected over many years and makes Berntsen survey caps the superior standard in high quality metal boundary marking products and why surveyors have been using Berntsen markers for over 45 years!

To view Berntsen's extensive metal marking options, go to our survey page here: 


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