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Apply for 2016 NSPS Scholarship Sponsored by Berntsen International Inc.

Apply for 2016 NSPS Scholarship Sponsored by Berntsen International Inc.

The 2016 application period for surveyor scholarships is open and we encourage all of the NSPS members to help find great candidates for these NSPS scholarships.      

More than ever, our profession needs skilled individuals with technical backgrounds. The science and math requirements have never been higher and the ability to couple new geospatial technical knowledge with traditional surveying practices has never been more important. Yet, we are also facing a transition where many of our best are retiring from the profession. We need to fill that gap.   

For over 25 years, Berntsen has supported education and professional development for the nation’s surveyors. Since 1975, scholarships funded by Berntsen through NSPS and WSLS (Wisconsin, our home) have helped nearly 100 students in their quest for a degree that will allow them to become members of the surveying community. This year, we are supporting two NSPS scholarships: One to help an individual who is progressing toward a bachelor’s degree in the geospatial or survey-related field, and one to support those who are seeking a two-year associate or technical degree.   

We are proud to be the longest tenured sustaining member of NSPS and we remain committed to advancing the surveying profession. Please join with us to support the next generation of surveyors. Encourage a student that you know to apply for the NSPS scholarships underwritten by Berntsen and other sponsors. The deadline is April 29, 2016. 

Click here to apply for the 2016 NSPS Scholarship or click here to view the announcement form.

Rhonda Rushing
President, Berntsen International



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