Job Opening

Job Description for InfraMarker Product Engineer

Berntsen International is seeking a product engineer to manage the design and development of connected marking products. Berntsen’s InfraMarker solution improves public works asset management by connecting RFID-enabled markers with mobile data collection systems.  The company designs, builds, and sells RFID-enabled marking products for these applications.

Berntsen is looking for a product engineer to lead development, testing, and commercial introduction of these markers.    The InfraMarker product engineer will oversee the roll-out of a suite of RFID-enabled marking products to meet many infrastructure applications. 

The ideal candidate will be a problem solver with a system view of how to embed communications technology within the mechanical properties of existing marking products.   He/she should possess an engineering degree in electrical or mechanical engineering but have a strong understanding of both disciplines.   The candidate should possess strong communication skills as customer and intra-departmental engagement is a requirement of the job.